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Sounds like a great idea! Looking forward to trying it out!

I am about to put a first version online. Not a lot there right now, and I am not sure if it will go much beyond this initial idea by the end of the month. But we will see.

Already played through, very nice! Out of curiosity, if you take a picture of something that wasn't required but also take a picture of each required page, do you get points taken off? Because I think I took a picture of two pages that I didn't need to in the last assignment and got 100%.

Also, this is my first Jam to participate in/comment on submissions, am I allowed to ask questions like this or make suggestions?

The way it works right now is that only required documents related to the assignment count. As long as the required ones are found and photos are taken, you will get a positive response. I do want to have some mechanics that penalize you for taking poor quality photos, but have not implemented them yet.

It is definitely not a long game, and probably never will be, but I wanted to make sure I got something online. As for suggestions, comments, sure, anything is fine.